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Facial cleansing grains have been making major waves in the skincare and beauty industry due to their ability to refresh, detoxify, and cleanse the face without overwhelming or damaging one’s precious skin. Many people may not know this, but the skin is considered to be the body’s largest and fastest growing organ; your skin shields you from the elements, prevents your body from becoming susceptible to toxic germs and dangerous infections, and acts as a vital protector for your lungs, heart, muscles, and blood. Every woman wants their skin to look flawless, pristine, and beautiful, but more than that, beauty-savvy ladies are constantly on the lookout for skincare products that will keep the body feeling as healthy as it looks.


The Magic of Face Grains

Face grains are natural, eco-friendly, gentle skin cleansing products that work to exfoliate and purify the face by softly scrubbing away dead skin cells while allowing your skin’s most beneficial natural oils to remain in place and keep you glowing. To use these facial cleansing grains, all you have to do is take your face grain of choice (most are formulated with luxurious ingredients found in nature such as oats, nuts, clay powder, and/or seeds), mix it with a tablespoon of your favorite skin-nourishing liquid, and blend your face grain recipe into a smooth paste that can then be applied to your face with ease.


Creating the Perfect Concoction

One of the greatest things about using facial cleansing grain treatments is that you are given the freedom to find the ideal blend of ingredients that is perfect for your skin. While some women choose to blend their face grains with hydrating ingredients like yogurt, others find it more beneficial to use invigorating face grain concoctions like orange or lime juice.  Since the possibilities for your cleansing grains are endless, we’re here to provide you with a breakdown of the best face grain recipe blends around to help your skin glisten, gleam, and glow effortlessly.


  1. Water

Since approximately 60 percent of the human body is made up of water, it should be no surprise that we’ve chosen it as one of the best face grain recipe ingredients of choice. This face grain mix-in is perfect for the woman on the go; it requires virtually no preparation which means your face grain cleansing mask can be created, applied, and enjoyed in a matter of seconds!


  1. Natural Citrus Fruit Juice

For ladies who plan on incorporating face grains into their morning routine, natural fruit juice is the perfect cleansing grain ingredient for women looking to wake up their body and embrace the day with a fresh, flawless face. Using the natural juice of a citrus fruit like an orange, lemon, or lime as an add-in with your face grains will give your face a natural pick-me-up as you begin your morning and leave you feeling radiant and refreshed.


  1. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a godsend for women who suffer from itchy, sensitive, and/or flaky skin, so why not incorporate it into a soothing cleansing grain treatment to give your skin an extra boost of hydration? Yogurt helps to reduce dryness and redness while locking in moisture, so blending it with your favorite face grains just might give your skin the soothing nourishment it craves!